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For most, the need for garage door spring repair is an very far afterthought as opposed to most things in life. We are all busy, and keeping track of everything in our hectic lives is tough, if not impossible. Although, in order to keep your garage door working well, the torsion or extension springs are the most important part of your garage door system. It is essential to lowering and raising the garage door, and that’s a reason that the simple garage door spring requires some respect.

Garage door springs are dangerous, and can lead to damage and serious bodily harm if not cared for or installed in the correct manner. They have tons of pressure on them because of the high weight that they must hold up, so make sure that you take proper safety precautions if you are doing any maintenance or replacing your garage door springs.

Garage door problems will boil down to the springs over 50% of the time. They have a certain cycle lifetime, and it is not uncommon for them to snap and bring the door crashing down. Your garage door will simply not be able to lift the door if this happens, so make sure that you do not keep hitting the garage door remote button to lower or raise the door, as it can cause serious damage to your opener system and strip the gears.

Average Life-cycle of garage door springs (Based on 10,000 Cycle Life)

  • 2 times daily = about 14 years

  • 4 times daily = about 7 years

  • 6 times daily = about 5 years

  • 8 times daily = about 3 years

Garage Door Springs & Safety

The tension on garage door springs is very high, as they are wound steel and have a lot of force on them at all times. When they eventually snap (hopefully you change them before they do!), they can fly off and cause a whole lot of pain to surrounding cars, people, or windows. Wise homeowners that have the funds know that it is one household replacement item that should be left to the pros, unless you have the correct tools and knowledge. We recommend letting an experienced garage door repair contractor inspect your spring and door if you have any questions about the issue.

If you have squeaky garage door springs and driving you mad, there are some quick checks that you can do before you call in a pro. A little noise does not mean huge problems with your door, but it could. For a quick fix you can try and applying some garage door lubricant, or some other household lubricant like WD-40, or for a more earth conscious individual you can even use coconut oil! Check out this link for some garage door spray lubricants that are highly recommended by the pros! If you lubricate the springs and they are still making a racket, you have more serious problems and will need to think about replacing your springs as soon as possible.

Another thing to think about is safety cables. If you have a garage door that has extension springs, you will want to have safety cables running through the spring that will eventually attach to the roof or adjacent wall. This is very important for safety, and if you can’t find the cables then you should have some installed.

Garage Door Spring Brackets

Brackets attach garage door springs the the brackets on the bottom of the door. The brackets are under a lot of tension just as the springs, and if the bolts wear or the door breaks down from wear, they can be the cause of a misaligned door or extra pressure on other parts of your door. To prevent inexperienced homeowners from attempting their own DIY fixes, newer models of garage doors have tamper resistant brackets that will prevent any but the experienced with special tools to remove them.

Out of Balance Garage Door Springs

When your garage door opens and closes quietly and smoothly, you have a well balanced system that is in good order. When it is jerky, one side goes faster than the other, or there are screeches, then you could have a big problem on your hands. If you can operate the door manually by pulling the cord attached to the rail system, then it might be an operate problem. But if the problem continues when you operate the mechanism manually, then it could mean that your springs are out of balance. In this case you will need to fix the problem quickly or the garage will wear in certain parts where the pressure is being applied and bad things will happen eventually. Call a pro to get the job done.

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