What to do when your garage door springs break

BANG! A loud crash comes from your garage, and you don’t know what happened. After looking around the garage, you can’t seem to find the culprit of the sound and you return to your bed or couch for some hard earned R & R. When you return to leave for work, school, or to go to the grocery store, you find that your garage door will no longer raise up, and now it all makes sense, your garage door springs are broken.

Your not alone!

If you have never had to deal with your garage door springs snapping before, it can seem like the gods have smited you, but in reality it is the most common service provided by garage door experts and the most replaced part in the garage door assembly. Since they support the entire weight of the door over thousands of cycles, eventually the metal breaks down and they break, snap or bend to a level that will make them un-operable. Garage doors regularly weigh over 300 pounds, and sometimes they can reach upwards of 1,000, so it is easy to see how over time the springs will break down.

Garage door springs tend to snap in the winter in cold climates more often, it’s a tensile strength of steel kind of thing. It is normal and you haven’t done anything wrong.

Be Careful

Garage door springs can cause serious damage to your health if not taken care of properly, so before you go about loosening any part of your door, make sure you have the right tools and knowledge to do so.

It is also very important if you have broken garage door springs to not keep pushing the garage door opener button, as it can cause more damage by stripping out the gears and sprockets of you opener and cost you more money! Go slow and if you really need to get your car out you can raise the door manually by grabbing and pulling on the hanging pull tab that is attached to the opener track.

What to do now.

  • 1. Get your car out of the garage by manually pulling the release cord. If the door is too heavy you can get help from a neighbor or familiy member.
  • 2. Identify if you have extension or torsion springs on your garage door.
  • 3. Buy new springs – you can buy them from a website online or from a local big box store like Home Depot or Lowes.
  • 4. Replace your springs with new ones that you have purchased.

If you don’t want to go through the steps of learning how to perform this procedure, you can hire a local garage door professional to perform the work for you for a fee. Most companies are able to perform same day service, and will make sure your garage is safe and you get the correct springs without you doing anything but making a phone call. You can search our site to find the right company for you.

Just remember to not panic, and take the proper safety precautions to make sure you don’t cause extra harm to your garage door parts or yourself!