Garage Door Spring Repair Dallas TX

Strong garage door springs are necessary for your garage door to open and shut proficiently. The springs make it so the garage door opener only has to move a part of the weight of the large door. Being that they are the workhorse of the garage door, they generally tend to snap, bend or crack within 4-8 years, dependent upon the type of springs that you put in or how often they are utilized. Many doors in current times will make use of torsion springs or extension springs. Extension springs are used on older one piece doors and they’re situated on the right and left side of the door. Torsion springs can be found over the garage door with either a 1 or 2 spring set, and they are suited for the majority of today’s sectional panel garage doors. Both varieties of these springs will come in various lengths, sizes and diameters depending on the age, variety and weight of your garage door.

Snapped Garage Springs Repair Dallas TX

In case your garage springs have busted in your Dallas TX property, we urge you to be cautious if you plan on doing the work by yourself. Taking shortcuts may result in serious bodily damage, as when they’re released wrongly they can harm anything around.

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It is always preferable to allow an experienced and well trained garage door technician perform this task for you. That is why Garage Door Springs HQ is here to help. We are specialists at repairing and replacing garage door springs. There is no one better in Texas. Call (844) 813-0097 today!

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