Garage Door Spring Repair Denver CO

For many people, the notion that your garage door opener is the piece that does the lowering/raising of the door is ingrained. In truth, it will be the torsion or extension springs that sustain the majority of the weight of the garage door when it’s lowered and raised up. For this reason, when you’ve got problems with your garage door springs, it’s going to have a huge impact upon the workings of your garage door. You may have observed your garage springs break from a living or master bedroom, or when you went to raise the garage door to attend work in the day. If only one spring snapped out of Two, your garage door will still operate, however it is vitally important that you simply replace your springs prior to the other one snaps or breaks, or your door will be unable to operate whatsoever in many instances..

How you can realize you need new garage springs:

  • The spring is plainly broken in the middle
  • Unexpectedly your opener is groaning beneath the strain of the weight
  • Your springs are 3-6 years of age
  • A boom or break from the garage has left your garage door unable to open or close

If you notice any of these symptoms with your garage door torsion or extension springs, do not delay. You need to call (844) 813-0097 now.

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