Nothing lasts forever; not even garage door springs. Those springs responsible for helping make moving the garage door up and down a lot easier are under a lot of stress. This means that no matter how well constructed and no matter how high quality the metal is, they must snap at some point. When one breaks, your safest bet is to call a Dallas-Fort Worth area garage door spring repair expert and allow that person to perform the garage door spring replacement for your torsion or extension springs.

It is easy to be lulled into complacency. Instead of being proactive and having a garage door repair technician Garage door springs have a life of about ten thousand cycles. Each cycle is moving the garage door up and down once. If you live alone or only have one person in the home who drives, it is very possible you may extend the life of your garage door springs to 15 or more years. This lack of trouble can cause people to completely disregard regular attention and maintenance. This is how garage door spring related emergencies happen. The door makes a bit of noise or struggles to close all the way, but for the most part it works…until it doesn’t. When a torsion spring breaks, for instance, the noise is loud and jarring. The site of it is unmistakable. You will have one spring now in two pieces and your door may become far too heavy for you to open on your own. Do not worry; Garage Door Springs HQ will take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Dallas-Fort Worth area! You can reach us at (844) 813-0097

You can avoid early garage door torsion spring replacement by having extended life garage door springs installed. These will cost you more, but if you want to delay having to have work done, these are the answer. Just ask your garage door spring technician about them.

A major cause of early garage door spring damage is rust. A very wet environment and springs that are not coated or lubricated is the friend of rust and other corrosive elements. One preventative step you can take to prolong the life of your garage door spring is to spray a little WD-40 on the spring every few months.

Take the Garage Door Spring Test

Want to know how your garage door springs are holding up? You can perform this easy test to see how good your current garage door springs are.

  1. Pull on the red emergency release that hangs above you in the garage.
  2. Move the door up and down under your own power (do not use the automatic opener for this). Listen to the noises it makes. Is it squeaking loudly? Use this as an opportunity to lubricate the door hinges and the spring.
  3. Allow the garage door to stop on the ground by itself. Lift it again just a couple feet off the ground and then let go. If the door stays at the level you lifted it, then the springs are fine. If it begins to lower on its own once you are no longer holding it, then the springs are a problem. It will not be long before it is time for emergency garage door spring repair DFW area payment plans!