Garage Door Spring Repair Jacksonville FL

For many, the thought that your garage door opener is the portion that does the lowering/raising of the door is ingrained. In truth, it’s the torsion or extension springs that support the vast majority of weight of the garage door when it’s lowered and raised up. Whenever your garage door isn’t lowering or raising as it did a few days ago, you might have broken or snapped springs. Broken or cracked springs commonly give a loud indicator once they separate or snap from the force. If only one spring snapped out of Two, your garage door will still function, but it is vital that you simply swap your springs prior to other one snaps or breaks, or your door will be unable to work whatsoever normally..

How to recognize you’ll need new garage springs:

  • The spring is obviously damaged in the center
  • All of the sudden your opener is groaning underneath the strain of the weight
  • Your springs are 5-8 years of age
  • Raising or closing the garage door does not work properly once you press the button

If you ever notice any of these problems, call (844) 813-0097 immediately. A garage door spring is one element that can be potentially dangerous to the novice handy-person. Garage Door Springs HQ has years of experience and training with torsion spring and extension spring replacement work.