Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Memphis TN

Most householders misconstrue the garage door opener for the piece that does the heavy-lifting on the garage door.
Did you know that the garage door opener only has the power to raise a small % of the weight of your garage door? In fact, it will be the torsion or extension springs that hold up the majority of the weight of the garage door when it is lowered and raised up. When you’ve got broken garage door springs, your garage door will take a noticable dive in functionality. You might have noticed your garage springs snap from the living or bed room, or when you went to raise the garage door to go to work in the morning. If perhaps one spring snapped out of Two, your garage door will still operate, however it is extremely important that you change your springs prior to the other one snaps or breaks, or your door won’t be able to work whatsoever generally.

How you can realize you require brand new garage springs:

  • The spring is obviously broken in the center
  • All of a sudden your opener is moaning under the overload of the weight
  • You have never exchanged your garage door springs
  • Opening or closing the garage door doesn’t work when you press the remote

Whether your garage door has an extension spring or a torsion spring, Garage Door Springs HQ has the solution for you. Give us a call at (844) 813-0097 today and we will take care of the rest.