Let’s face it: everybody can’t be great at everything. With the internet there are plenty services that we can learn to do on our own. As long as the service is safe and affordable enough, learning on the job may be adequate. However, there are just some tasks around the home that need to be done by a trained, licensed, and insured professional. Garage door spring repair is one of those tasks. Why is replacing a garage door spring so different from learning to re-caulk a bath tub or even lay a small patch of tile? Well, because the garage door spring is under immense tension and the garage door is very heavy. If something goes wrong, you could be very seriously hurt or even killed! In particular, torsion springs are very thick and when they break, they make a very loud noise and if a shard of metal goes flying, the force can penetrate the body or even the head. This can also happen when adjusting a torsion spring, so knowing what you are doing is paramount.

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Our technicians only use the best torsion and extension springs on the market and we carry everything needed to do the job on our trucks. With Garage Door Springs HQ, there are no exceptionally long waits or rainchecks, just fast and exacting service. So, go wait no longer if you need garage door spring repair around Tarrant County; go ahead and call (844) 813-0097 now!