Garage Door Spring Repair El Paso – Torsion & Extension Spring

For many people, the concept that your garage door opener is the piece that does the raising/lowering of the door is ingrained. Garage door springs possess the task of decreasing the burden which the opener must lift up. If you have broken garage door springs, your garage door is going to take a noticeable dive in performance. Broken springs generally offer a raucous indication when they bust or snap from the force. If only one spring broke out of Two, your garage door will still perform, however it is vital that you simply switch your springs before the other one snaps or breaks, or your door will be unable to work at all typically.

A couple of warning signs of broken garage door springs:

  • You observe an evident gap in the center of the spring
  • The garage is wobbly or making raucous grinding sounds
  • Your springs are 7-9 years of age
  • The garage door won’t elevate off the floor at all – or comes crashing straight down from the upward position

Common Garage Door Spring Types

Garage Door Extension Springs

If your garage door uses extension springs, they will be located on both sides of the garage door opening. They are typically half the height of the garage door and stretch whenever the door is opened. When failing, they tend to appear a bit stretched even when contracted.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

If you have a torsion spring setup in your garage, it will be located centrally above the garage door opening. It is attached parallel to the wall and utilizes a twisting action to generate or release force. These springs can be thick and very powerful. When failing, they tend to break off completely.

Only an Expert Should Replace Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs must be capable of supporting and moving doors that weigh hundreds of pounds. The tension they can store is massive, so if they ever release all of it expectantly, bad things can occur. This is why it is important that you get a local El Paso garage door spring technician to replace your old springs. If they were to ever snap or come loose while you were affixing them to the door, someone could be seriously injured or even killed. In order to install garage door springs, one typically must measure the height and weight of the door and select the proper spring for the job. Improper selection of garage door springs can lead to danger later on. Also, if your garage door configuration uses two springs, replace both at the same time. An old spring will not have the same performance as a new one, so it will result in an imbalance that could cause trouble or even damage to the track or door. Also, an old spring that has managed to outlive its counterpart is not too far away from failure as well. It is only a matter of time before you are forced to have a tech come out to your home to replace the spring; you might as well take care of all of it at once!

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