Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Phoenix AZ

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Most homeowners misconstrue the garage door opener for the part that does the heavy lifting on the garage door. In fact, it is the torsion or extension springs that hold up the majority of the weight of the garage door when it is lowered and raised up. When your garage door is not lowering or raising as it did a few days ago, your might have broken or snapped springs. If you heard a loud snap or bang from the garage door, it was most likely the garage door springs going out. If only one spring snapped out of 2, your garage door will still work, but it is very important that you replace your springs before the other one goes out, or your door will not be able to function at all in most cases.

Some ways to know if you have a broken spring:

  • The spring is clearly broken in the middle
  • Your garage door opener is louder and is straining to raise/lower the door
  • It has been 5-7 years since you replaced the springs
  • A bang or snap coming from the garage has left your garage door unable to open or close

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