DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement vs Hiring a Pro Garage Door Company

Garage door springs are located on the sides or the top of your garage door, and they have the responsibility of holding up the weight of the door. They keep the tension of the door correct so that it can lower smoothly as the door goes up and down. Garage door springs will eventually wear out, and they can snap or become broken unexpectedly. If you own a home, you will probably have broken garage door springs at some point, which will bring up the question : should I hire a professional company or replace my garage door springs myself?

Pros & Cons

Like any household chore, you can always find a professional company to come to your home and provide service. Garage door springs fall under the category of something you can do yourself, and it differs from plumbing and electrical services because it will not fall under statutes for building codes. We will go over the options you have below.

Option #1 – Hiring a Professional Garage Door Service

If you have the money, it’s a lot less of a headache to have a pro out to your home.


  • Time – If your car is trapped inside your garage, it can be a headache and could be dangerous to open the door manually. Most garage door repair services will be available 7 days a week, so if you need your springs replaced quickly, it can be done by days end. They will also carry the parts you need or know where to get them.
  • Tools – These guys work everyday in their respective field, so they will have the right tools for the job. This type of procedure takes a couple of specialized tools, so you will have to buy them if you don’t already have them which is included in your cost, but you will have them for next time.
  • Warranty – Many garage door companies offer warranties that will protect you from faulty installation or parts. So you can protect yourself from a bad service technician. if you do hire someone, make sure you ask if they include some type of warranty with the service.
  • Knowledge – If you are sure that your springs need replacing other parts of your door can be damaged, it could be a good idea to have a safety inspection from a professional to know what other repairs(if any) need to be done to keep your garage safe and stable for years to come.


  • Cost: This is the biggie for most people. It will be substantially more for you to call a company rather than doing the service yourself. Most springs will be between 50-120$ a spring if you buy them from a company, and there will be a service call and installation fee.
  • Getting Scammed: Like any home contracting service, some people are masquerading as professionals. If you don’t hire a company that has integrity, you could get overcharged or receive a service that is incorrectly performed.

Fixing your Broken Garage Door Springs – DIY


  • Cost: DIY means that your total costs will be your time, the cost of new springs, and maybe some tools that you will need for the process.
  • Learning: If you enjoy learning new things, this type of service is something that will happen later on in life, and you will have the skills to perform when you need them again. Also you can do this procedure at any time, so you don’t have to wait for a company to be ready to serve you.


  • Time: The first time you take on a task like replacing your extension or torsion springs, you will probably need to do some research. Making sure you have the right tools, skills, and buying the correct parts will take some time, as well as actually performing the service.
  • Safety: Springs are under a ton of torsion, and if you are not careful you can cause serious bodily harm to yourself. If you are not the type of person that is comfortable around tools or working with heavy machines, then you probably want to start your DIY career on something a bit more practical.

No matter what option you go with, we hope this guide has helped you make the right decision.