Broken Garage Door Spring Repair San Diego CA

Most householders misconstrue the garage door opener for the component that does the heavy lifting on the garage door.
Did you know that the garage door opener merely has the power to lift up a percentage of the weight of your garage door? It’s the springs which have the task of keeping the majority of the weight from the door, and giving the opener a really tiny weight to lift up. When your garage door is not really lowering or raising as it did yesterday, you probably have snapped torsion or extension springs. You might have heard your garage springs snap from a living or bed room, or when you went to raise the door to attend a job in the day. If only 1 spring broke out of 2, your garage door will still function, however it’s important that you exchange your springs ahead of the other one goes out, or your door will not be able to work at all in most cases..

Some ways to recognize for those who have a busted spring:

    You observe an evident gap in the middle of the spring
    All of a sudden your opener is making loud noises under the strain of the weight
    It’s been 4-6 years since you exchanged the springs
    A boom or break coming from the garage has left your garage door not able to open or close up

If you observe any of this happening to your garage door, call Garage Doors HQ as soon as possible. We specialize in replacing or repairing garage door torsion springs and garage door extension springs. Call (844) 813-0097 now.