Broken Garage Door Spring Repair San Francisco CA

For many individuals, the thought that your garage door opener is the component that does the raising/lowering of the door is ingrained. Garage door springs have the task of reducing the burden which the opener will have to elevate. As soon as your garage door is not really lowering or raising the way it did a few days ago, you could have broken springs. It’s likely you have heard your garage springs snap from the living or bed room, or if you went to raise the garage door to venture to work in the morning. Almost all garage doors will employ 2 torsion or extension springs to balance the load, and if one snaps or breaks your door will still be capable of working, but it really ought to be an issue that you repair rapidly because chances are the other will split soon.

How you can know you require new garage springs:

The spring is clearly damaged in the middle
All of the sudden your opener is groaning beneath the overload of the weight
It’s been 4-6 years since you exchanged the springs
Raising or closing the garage door does not work properly when you push the remote

So if you notice that your garage door is behaving strangely, do not wait. Just call us at (844) 813-0097. We replace garage door springs whether they be extension or torsion. We are the specialists you need.